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I believe the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick said both that Nicole thought she and Faye should have a threesome with Ron and that Ron was gay.[quote]And yeah, the TV show script does seem to be written by people who believe that OJ was guilty, but then almost everyone does.

Well, it seems like several of his defense attorneys thought he was guilty...

The show is basically outright saying OJ was obviously guilty but Johnny Cochran played the race card for a rich powerful black man who hated black people and didn't even identify as black. I guess he would just say it was smart and something he had to do to win. Did the public realize how corrupt he was at the time or this all didn't come out until later? My question was about the Bronco chase but after the screener's comment, I ad-libbed.

Do black people know the truth and just not care because "fuck the police? J.'s house to make it more black friendly he also cleared out Nicole's house so as not to remind the jury she was a mother and had children who will never see her again. Same way he told his daughters never to use the n word but wants to use it in court as much as possible no matter how much it prejudices the jury. I guess he must have kept it all under wraps to win but I'm surprised he didn't lose his license over some of this stuff. I asked "Why didn't the prosecution bring up the Bronco chase since it was such an obvious admission of guilt and do you think race relations will ever be the same in LA".

TMZ did confirm today that A) Cochran did have that episode of being pulled over by the cops B) Mark Fuhrman's involvement/interest in Nazism did come up during the case.