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Blu: "Good night kids." He said as he gave them a nuzzle on their heads which made them giggle and fall alseep, after that he than puts a empty look on his face and looks at Jasmine as she did the same and Blu lands on the ground and comes up to her.

Blu: "So whatever happened to you after all this time sister?

Eduardo: "Thanks for watching over my tribe Felipe." Felipe smiles Felipe: "Your welcome Eddie, that's what friends are for. Male macaw: "Roberto and your sister found this girl with our human friends." Eduardo: "What?! However when Jasmine sees Blu she is dumbfounded and recognizes him when she was just a chick. Jasmine then gets up and she puts an angry look on her face. She then lands on a tree branch and sobs a little ? " Hearing this she turns her head to see that Roberto has followed her. Jasmine: "Thank you Roberto that's nice." She then flies away as Roberto waves a wing for goodbye, and goes to his hollow before setting off on his night patrol.

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See ya guys." While Felipe left Jewel turns to around to see another female spix macaw among them as the tribe comes to see the new comer. " Jasmine than lifts her head up and kisses his left cheek, but when Jewel sees this she puts an angry look on her face and comes up to the two. As the morning starts to set upon the trees Blu tucks his kids into bed as he looked at them with a smile.

" Eduardo: "I am Eduardo, leader of the tribe." He than moves aside. Jewel: "Hey guys, listen Jasmine I'm sorry about my actions for telling you that Blu is my mate and I thought you were a female friend of Blu." Then she puts her head down, and when Blu sees this he comes in front of his beautiful mate.

" Jasmine: "I spent my whole life alone after you went missing.

I learned how to defend myself in the jungles around Rio before falling out and living the of my life in the amazon. " Jasmine then opens as tears were coming out of her eyes and looks at her brother. And you 'sniff' you don't how much this would mean to our parents but it means to me 'sniff'." Jasmine then closes her eyes and sniffs a little.

But only when I reached a mature life." Blu talks about his early life and how he became a companion, Jasmine is intrigued by this and asks how he ended up in the Brazil and when Blu finishes his entire story about Minnesota, his adventure with Jewel and the Amazon, Jasmine is amazed by everything he has achieved in his life. " Blu: "You've already have." Jasmine: "Will I ever found someone like you that has Jewel? Blu: "You will never be alone for the rest of your life Jasmine as you have me, a family and a tribe to support you when ever you need it." He then removes his smile. " Jasmine: "That I don't know who he is." Then Jasmine removes her eyes from her brother and puts a sad look on her face with tears as she was facing the left side of the hollow, Blu was looking worried and confused. Blu smiles at this and pats her back with his right wing.

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