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Bacchiocchi correctly argues that the Old Testament is primarily the story of God's dealing with His Chosen People.

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This book represents the first of a two-volume project dealing with the annual Biblical Feasts and their relevance for Christians today. This first volume deals with the Spring Festivals, focusing especially on Passover and Pentecost. No indication exists, however, that this perception led Christians to doubt or to negate the value and validity of holy days (p. Bacchiocchi also argues that the exemption from circumcision granted to the Gentiles was not an exemption from the observance of holy days (p.

The general objective of the two volumes is to trace the meaning and observance of the Feasts in Scripture and early Christian history. 86), and specifically rejects the notion "that Paul taught that Christians are under no obligation to observe the Old Testament law, in general, and Holy Days in particular" (p. Bacchiocchi does not explain why he does not consider the question of the perpetuity of other Biblical sacred times, such as the New Moon, Purim, Hanukkah, the Sabbatical Year, and the Jubilee. The ultimate authority of the New Testament for Christians can hardly be denied.

The more specific objective is to determine the continuity or discontinuity of the Feasts in the Christian church. consists of four chapters about Passover and four chapters about Pentecost. However, Bacchiocchi here overlooks the extent to which the New Testament itself appeals to the Old Testament as its final court of appeal.

He also argues that observing them is a duty incumbent upon them: How can Christians experience the existential reality of salvation represented by Passover, when its actual observance, which forms the basis of such an experience, is renounced (p. The New Testament recognizes that Christ's coming brought about a certain discontinuity by fulfilling Old Testament typological institutions, but this discontinuity is never interpreted in terms of abrogation of the Mosaic law, in general, or of Holy Days, in particular (p. Gradually, they [the early Christians] perceived that certain aspects of the law, such as those relating to the Levitical ministry and sacrifices, had become obsolete by the coming of Christ.

These variations must be taken into account in any consideration of the extent of the applicability of Old Testament laws today.

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