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M., 22 years ago." O' Neal says the idea came from producer Nelle Nugent, who noted the pair's chemistry in a 2014 has been like? It just finished a very successful Broadway run with a lot of our friends in it. I work all the time but I do a lot of stuff for nothing.

It's a gig that has significance for Mac Graw: "It's my first paying job since I left [Hollywood] for Santa Fe, N. It's a wonderful play that has been around since the '80s and everybody you've ever heard of has done it.

Old friends: Mac Graw and O' Neal were reunited for the 40th anniversary of the 1970 film that made them stars In the movie which is widely seen as the birth of the 'chick-flick', the pair played lovers who come from total opposite backgrounds and O' Neal's well-to-do father did not want his son to marry his true love.

Most of what we are going to be doing starts early next year. But we're often asked as a couple for something around — the Oscar for dear Arthur Hiller and other stuff. It's a lifetime from second grade to the early 70s and nobody with any sensitivity can help but relive their life and choices when they said yes and choices when they said no. We have a wonderful director — Greg Mosher, is a big, big, big Broadway director and it's an honor to be directed by him.

I read that you have stayed in touch with calls or emails over the years, but what has the reintroduction been like? So we have seen each other, but not as much as we're going to see each other this year.