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Colbert sold his house and bought a plot of land in the swamp where he built his wood cabin.

He uses gas cylinders for cooking and makes occasional trips to the store for non perishable goods.

The traumatised victim told police how he could hear his 39-year-old mother being told what to do as she gave him a "sex lesson".

The sickening offence came to light when the woman "blurted out" that she had abused the elder of her two sons while speaking to a domestic abuse charity about her partner.

Her disturbing confession was passed on to Avon and Somerset police and she was taken in for questioning. Prosecuting, Mark Hollier said: "In a very ordinary voice, he described an incident to the police officers about how his mother had given him a sex lesson in the main bedroom of the family home and this was observed by [the partner] via a webcam and computer link." The mum - who wept through much of the hearing - denied "volunteering" to have sex with her son.