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Oberoi was born in Hyderabad, Telangana to Punjabi father Suresh Oberoi, a veteran Bollywood character actor and a Tamil mother, Yashodhara Oberoi. He later featured in several notable films which include Saathiya, Masti, Yuva, Omkara, and Grand Masti. He is also starred in biographical films such as Maya Dolas in Shootout at Lokhandwala, Paritala Ravindra in Rakta Charitra, and Muthappa Rai in Rai.

His upcoming projects are Bank Chor, great Grand Masti and RAI.

Surely, there are far more talented girls right here in India, who can speak better Hindi, move more gracefully to our filmi numbers and turn in better performances than some of the goris that come down to our shores.

One filmmaker went as far as saying that he prefers a gori to an Indian for a certain type of role because they are less inhibited Another maker who prefers home grown talent says, "Honestly tell me, has even one of these fair maidens left an indelible mark in all these years?

A tender attraction develops between Kisna and Katherine during the journey.

Luxmi, Kisna's Indian fiancée, forms the third point in an emotional triangle involving the Indo-British romantic pair.

Vivek Oberoi is an Indian film actor known for his works exclusively in Bollywood.