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Are calleigh and delko dating

Now, you truly know the characters getting involved." Stirring romance into a criminal procedural, which tend to share little DNA, adds a welcomed fresh angle to a seventh-season hit (No.

15, with 13.1 million viewers) whose core remains unchanged: Horatio and his team using forensics to catch bad guys.

"The relationship of Delko and Calleigh has become its own character in the show," Procter says. It's nice to have a subtle change in structure." As evidence of that difference, the two get together on the Miami set for a sexy, glamorous photo shoot, the first in their experience on the show.

"Usually, our photo shoots are very group-oriented, and it's always the same stance, that sort of wide-legged, hand on hip, featured weapon," Procter, 40, says. They pose in a doorway — Procter in a tight, gun-metal-gray outfit, Rodriguez in a white shirt, black tie and dark pants — trying to get comfortable. Rodriguez puts his hand on Procter's waist, then hips; the blond Procter, doing her best Veronica Lake, plays with his tie, which eventually becomes a playful lovers' prop.

When crime scene investigators Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) and Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) embrace in tonight's episode (CBS, 10 ET/PT), it consummates an attraction hinted at seven seasons ago, and starts a clandestine relationship that complicates life for them, their colleagues and their supervisor, Horatio Caine (David Caruso). The audience waited a long time to see this, and for them to finally get the payoff, I hope they're enjoying it as much as we are," Rodriguez says.