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Dani made it on to the Top 48 of "America's Got Talent" season six in 2011 and gained a devoted following of online fans from doing so.

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She taught herself to play, and then started to blend elements of folk, pop, rap, soul and even comedy into her music.

She also began to write original songs and has since written and independently released four albums and two singles.

Dani Shay from "The Glee Project" is one of the contestants in Season 2 of the Oxygen reality talent competition series vying for a recurring role in FOX's "Glee." She was previously one of the Top 48 acts in Season 6 of NBC's talent competition "America's Got Talent" in 2011.

Dani Shay is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who was born and raised in Orlando, Florida.

Some people write epic AUs; other people write the silliest, crackiest drabbles or the most heartbreaking Blangst.