stupid online dating questions - Austin butler dating vanessa hudgens

She also proved that love is possible in Hollywood.

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Austin butler dating vanessa hudgens

Today, they’re still going strong thanks to what Austin would credit to, “looking for ways that you can make them [your S.

No offense to Vanessa’s current love Austin Butler, 24, but we’d kill for a Zanessa reunion.

Drake Bell — Back in her Disney days, there’s a chance that there was a Disney-Nickelodeon star couple! In 2007 — following Vanessa’s magazine, those photos may have been sent to Drake! We still don’t exactly know, but the buzz definitely occurred amidst the buzz of another one of her famous relationships.

, Vanessa revealed that their five year relationship actually wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

A source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY that she’d be taking a major risk giving him another shot. But unfortunately for Zac, his perfect pecs are no guarantee that he can win Vanessa back.

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