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Beck Oliver: Cat will play a 1980's stand-up comedienne who's very annoying. [Tori feeds him cereal from the box] Jade West: [in a fake southern accent] Well. [imitates police siren, then runs out the apartment door] Beck Oliver: You woke me up! Beck Oliver: [in a thick Cockney accent] I'm game, so pop a dabble in me mouth. [pours a box of raisin bran on his head as he laughs] Tori Vega: This is Officer Pedesto, code three! Certainly wouldn't keep you awake during my class!

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[Beck gives him money] Robbie Shapiro: Woah, this will pay for coffee and scaunes!

Robbie Shapiro: I'm not paying three dollars for a coffee! So this time, you people will choose your own roles! Andre Harris: Then Mama's got some explaining to do.

Tori Vega: [interrupting him] I am a police officer! [last lines, waking up on couches at Sikowitz's apartment] Beck Oliver: Hey, what time is it?

Beck Oliver: And you said you'd kill for just one chance to tell her off.

[Beck pauses, then kisses her] Meredith: So, who's your favorite teacher in this whole school?

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