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8) like advanced lifters, using advanced splits and training techniques. What you need is to get strong on the basic compound lifts more than anything. 10) Stop believing that muscle building is rocket surgery. Get stronger, eat enough food and stay persistence. Being your elbows in to about a 30-60 degree angle, give or take. Each protein source has a difference amino acid profile, so variety is a good thing. 71) Creatine is a quality choice and has been extensively researched. 72) Work big muscle groups before small muscle groups. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself was weaned on fullbody routines 58) Heavy rows are the best rear delt builders.

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1) Compound exercises are your best tools for growth. 2) Eat your biggest meal of the day about 30 to 60 minutes after you lift weights. 4) Squats are king of the muscle builders, and they are not bad for your knees unless your form is horrible and/or you are half-squatting. If squats are king, deadlifts are second in command. Switch to a machine isolation exercise instead; one that allows a higher range of progression.

You don't have to become a powerlifter, but you do need to dramatically improve your strength over what it is now. 14) Proper muscle building nutrition is much more than broccoli, rice and chicken breasts. 59) Isolation exercises stalling and becoming hard to add weight without compromising form?

Stop doing 7 exercises for chest and only lat pull downs for back. Stop a set when you feel like you might fail on the next rep. If your exercise form starts to deteriorates during a set, stop the set. With your arms at a 30-60 degree angle from your side, this will help you find a natural grip width.

Balance will keep you healthy, strong and help to stave off shoulder issues. You need to get strong right now, not fatigue yourself with endless sets. 63) Performing the bench press with your arms flared out at 90 degrees is one of the worst things you can do for your shoulders. 67) Close grip bench presses are NOT performed with your hands 6 inches apart. Tuck your elbows at your side, and make sure your wrists are over your elbows. 68) Eating 180 to 240 grams of protein per day isn't going to harm your kidneys. 69) Eat a variety of protein foods...meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk.

32) Anyone that insists a topic or training concept is 100% black or white should be approached with caution. 33) Progression of weight is the magic muscle building key. Because a lifter who is dedicated, eats right and gets stronger can thrive on even the most unorganized muscle building workout. 38) Squats parallel are dangerous (bad for the knees). If you are eating healthy, don't obsess about your cholesterol intake.