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A fraction of NUDE bound strongly to centrosomes in interphase and localized to mitotic spindles in early M phase.

In apical neuroepithelial cells, expression of centrosomal Nde1 was greatest during interphase and early mitosis and reduced during metaphase.

In cultured cells, Nde1 colocalized with gamma-tubulin (TUBG1; 191135) at the centrosome and was present in the cytoplasm, at the centrosome, and on the mitotic spindle. (2000) found that rat Nude and the catalytic subunits of Pafah (see PAFAH1B2; 602508) interacted with Pafah1b1 in a competitive manner.

They suggested that PAFAH1B1 functions in nuclear migration by interacting with multiple intracellular proteins, including NUDE. (2003) found that NUDE was phosphorylated in M phase of the cell cycle in human cells.

Northern blot analysis detected high expression in testis, and RT-PCR detected NDE1 in other tissues. Western blot analysis of mouse tissues detected highest expression in brain, with much lower expression in heart, skeletal muscle, and lung, and little to no expression in other tissues examined. (2011) found NDE1 expression in the apical neuroepithelium throughout the developing human and mouse brain.

NDE1 was strongly expressed in apical precursors in the ventricular zone and in the newborn neuronal population of the human embryonic brain, but had reduced expression in the subventricular zone.