Black dating apps

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There’s also Soul Swipe and The League, two more black dating apps, for those of you interested in variety. According to an experiment by Anne Helen Petersen at Buzzfeed last year, the “more” black a user registers as, the less likely he or she will get a right swipe.

But despite these new options—and years of data that shows racial prejudice is alive and well on mainstream dating networks—none has gained enough traction to threaten robbing Tinder of users. There are apps for Jews and Christians, for older folks and divorced folks, for people who believe in ghosts and people who make $200,000 a year. Signifiers of education and wealth help, Petersen found, but users of color still appear to be at a disadvantage.

Another major mainstream network, Ok Cupid, has found clear evidence of racial prejudice.

Last month, in the thick of the September Scramble—that anxiety-ridden part of the year when singles desperately seek a winter boo to hunker down with—the makers of the dating app Bae took their product on a tour.

Bae, which stands for Before Anyone Else, is aimed at black singles, and so the tour hit the campuses of historically black colleges like Morehouse and Spelman.