Black women dating outside trouble with consolidating schools

Black british men are the lowest of the low, now they have this thing of riding about on that two feeter scooter which is a fad and all about status. The ones who pretend to be educated and decent do not fool me, I am polite when they are serving me, or at my bank,etc, but other than this, I really have very very little to do with them.

black women dating outside-10

We are dating out because they are too busy chasing white and non black women and because we are their last option and they either ignore us or cuss us.

They are slaves to their dick all they care about is sex and not the black community.

I am sick and tired of the riff raff thinking I am interested in them, I used to offer my time and kindness, no more.

I took a holiday recently, very few black men, but a lot of black women, mainly white people and some asians, it was such a nice experience, this is when it dawned on me further!

As for me my long term partner is east Asian, I have never been so happy.