Blizzard launcher stuck on updating tools denny hamlin dating jordan fish

Hello, i`m stuck on updating blizzard launcher at about 2/3 when i try to play Diablo3 . I`ve tried everything but nothing helped me excepting HDD format!! Hi there, Can you try going to your Diablo III folder, and in here please delete the Updates directory? If that doesn't help, the next thing to check would be to remove this folder Then see if the game starts correctly.Now i`m not going to do that again , so i post this here maybe someone will help me. This process will also take 15 to 20 minutes but once its done I can start playing the game. I've tried it and it at least doesn't break anything, but it may have side effects.

blizzard launcher stuck on updating tools-62

When it does work a message box pops up that says failed to update tools.

The game will then close but if I click on the game again it will just to the updating blizzard launcher step. In the answers to this question you can see the "-launch" flag which will bypass the launcher update.

i have not played Wo W in a long time, last patchs i did was for Cata, but when i open Wo W so the launcher starts, it just sticks on updating tools, been doing it for over 3 hours and has not moved, was getting error saying i didnt have enough space and was told to free up some space, yet i still have over 100GB of space Been through past and current posts and none seem to help or fix the problem, Currently trying to reinstall the game, im on Vista, any help would be great.

Hello, Can you go into Internet Explorer LAN settings and make sure that you de-select Automatically Detect settings.

tried all 3, still stuck I hate blizzard, ever since they installed their stupid "updating setup files.." on beta and now d3, i can't download anything and it keeps stucking it self at 90%...