Body language of dating tonya reiman

This works especially well if you are in a group of people and you are interested in one person in the group.

A way to show them you are interested is by leaning towards them.

Jess tries this out on roommate Nick to discover if he has a crush on her and the results are hilarious.

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informed Body and Soul, elaborated that, "His feet are planted firmly on the ground, with his legs apart, displaying the crotch, and letting whoever is observing know that he's not going anywhere." Granted...

this one is a little weird in general, but it could also be a super easy sign to spot, especially if you're sitting across from a guy pulling this move.

According to The Huffington Post, the movement of leaning in is used to attract someone.

Writer Vanessa Van Edwards said, "Leaning towards someone is a nonverbal way of telling them you are engaged.

Growing up, I was absolutely useless at telling if someone had a crush on me.

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