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You will NOT be required to do anything - you never will be. Participation in our groups, as with most 12 step programs, is voluntary. At Samantha's Place you can be comfortable dressing up, dancing, and flirting without unwanted attention.

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Sex Addicts Anonymous - Men - Group for men with an addiction to any kind of compulsive sexual behavior(s)Sex Addicts Anonymous - Women - Group for women with addiction(s) to relationships and/or compulsive sexual behavior(s)Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - Men - Group for men having any kind of a sexual or relationship addiction Christian Men's Group - Non-denominational group for men to establish and maintain freedom from the bondage of sexual acting out behaviors COSA - 12-step recovery program for men and women regardless of religion or sexual orientation whose lives are being significantly affected by another person's compulsive sexual behaviour We are a coalition of 12-Step Sexual and Relationship Addiction recovery/support groups in London & SW Ontario.

Our Coalition of Sexual and Recovery Groups (COSARG) consists of groups with formal affiliations with SAA, SLAA, COSA and Christian Men's Groups.

As you work up the courage and come through the door, you'll see the faces of men and women who know your troubles and understand sex addiction: they've all been there too.

You will probably be asked by at least one person if this is your first meeting, and asked to introduce yourself to the group with just your first name.

Sex addiction includes all forms of sexual behaviour including viewing pornography.