Cam dating in georgia

"I thought I could at least hold a tune, but then we listened back and it was horrible." Cranley has put his love life on hold until his final appearance on the reality dating show. "It's back to normal for me apart for the fact that I'm not going out as much any more because I get asked for a lot of photos." He said it's anyone's guess who out of the four remaining men will win Ms Love's heart. But then I've seen her (on TV) with Courtney on their dates and she was so close with him." The Bachelorette continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

"I was at the shops and this little old lady grabs me and says ' You're my favourite. "For three of us it sounded like we were drowning cats," he laughed. "The show's such a jolt to your system, I mean, you're dating someone and they dump you in front of half a million people.

"Every time you go into a rose ceremony you feel like you might go home," he told APN. "Georgia and I hadn't had a light-hearted, fun conversation for a while. "I guess there would be a shock factor for some of the viewers, but at the time I was thinking 'these other guys are pretty fantastic'." The Perth hunk, affectionately known to fans as Mr May for his appearance in a charity fireman's calendar, said he hasn't come to terms with his new following.

"I think I'm a big dork; I can't see what everyone else is seeing in me," he said.

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