Chat rooms for chattersex

The Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion: Make no mistake, this is the promised land we’ve heard so much about.

You, dear reader and man of Swagger, are going to have to pull in some major stunts if you want an invite to this one, but nothing’s impossible.

Fill a room with interesting people, alcohol and music you can talk over and magic will happen more times than not.

But Men of Swagger are called to search out the parties that change the world, the good times that serve as lifelong bragging rights, and the events that make you the envy of every one of your friends.

If you have a thirst for cognac and a desire to cut it up with the illest of the hip, start making a plan now.

TIFF: The Toronto Film Festival has grown over the past decade to the point where it wouldn’t recognize itself on the street, and it’s launching celebrities and careers right alongside the very best of them.