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She has drawn us in with how evidently important her family reigns in her life, something we find highly admirable.Though we’ve never met, Nicole just feels genuine and relatable--like an old best friend from high school--and I bet we aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

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There's really no such thing as a good balance (if anyone out there knows the secret please let me in on it! I take it day by day and do my best to show them both how much I love them.

I have used an Fitness Calendar for over ten years.

There are poster boards rolled up in my closet dating back to my college years.

Having a large wall calendar was very useful because it kept me accountable (since no one usually checked in on me) and made me re-focus on long term goals each day.

Having an Fitness Calendar was particularly helpful during the winter months when life became incredibly busy with festivities and holidays. I love to add flowers to my calendar – sometimes I get festive and add pumpkins and Christmas trees.