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Thx for enlightenment Christian Hi, it is probably the second one you said… So indeed in this special case there is no bit-perfect replay, depending on the capability of the dac. Please note that also the resampling quality is not so great…Mpd outputs to alsa, then alsa tries to feed the dac with the closest bitrate\bitdepth available… To find out just type : cat /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params While playing, and it will return you the exact bit rate \ bit depth that the dac is receiving. That´s fine with me it´s simply greater usability, as long as I can rely on the unaltered status of the greatest part of my music. You can use a better resampler algorythm, by changing this line in the #samplerate_converter "Fastest Sinc Interpolator" to samplerate_converter "Best Sinc Interpolator" Then save and restart mpd sudo /etc/init.d/mpd restart In my tests the processing power demanded to the little Pi was not enough to handle this better algorythm.I used it with foobar because not all of my dacs are able to handle all sample frequencys and I did not want to hard-convert my music to the lowest common denominator.

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But I was using an async device, try and see if it works for you.

If it doesn't just comment the line again and restart mpd.

Is that an heroic dac trying to give his best in converting he was not made for by his creator or is it the act of an infamout Pi, trying to resample something that otherwise would be unplayable.

All Resampling is deactivated in (I hope) but since i cannot measure the bit-perfectness of the output, I´m a bit unsure….. MPa D, the controlprogramm on my IPad, tells me 88200 Hz, cat …~hw_params returns 96000.

For more info about these different resampling methods see here: Best sinc interpolator is the Secret Rabbit Code, Btw…