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It is designed to help them evaluate and elicit clarity before, during, and after dates, communicate effectively, develop the courtship from date to date, stay positive and focused, know how to utilize help appropriately, and make confident decisions through commitment.

“Advanced Dating Webinar” is for dating singles and addresses many of the common situations and challenges that get people during courtship and, especially, in decision making, stuck.

“Creating the Marriage you Always Wanted” is a transformational 2-day intensive workshop for married and engaged couples.

Based on Imago’s “Getting the Love You Want” workshop, couples will develop effective communication skills, resolve long-standing conflict, transform frustrations into opportunities for growth, acquire skills to energize their relationship, and connect in deep ways.

that will help them be motivated, ambitious, and passionate about“The Countdown” is for singles starting from 12th grade. “The Leadership Experience” puts participants in the leadership driver’s seat.