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The songstress also opens up about her next go round of love, wanting a friendship mirrored of Beyonce and Jay Z and how she won't be making the choice to date anymore basketball players. Like you know guys be in the car together like "yeah, this my homie! Every time I turn around it's bros and bros on top of bros.

She also stands by her decision to leave Gibson after his cheating, co-parenting their son and also, providing well wishes to Gibson on the next woman he chooses to love. Catch the interview highlights below: On if she would take her husband back if he took Robin Thicke-like measures: Recently I told him I hope you really find that woman and you be good to her. What's up with ya main chick that you just ride with?

On her thoughts on domestic violence: Men need to stop cheating chile because it just hurts so bad and thats what causes you to get your mouth almost smacked off, especially if you do it more than once, twice, now I'm not even gonna say nothing. When Gib [Boobie] and I got into it and I kinda smacked him a little hard, he just kinda took it because he knew he was wrong. It's like, 'Okay, you're not learning and I don't think you want to.' Angela: As your wife and your friend you're not supposed to have chicks feeling like they can even come out their mouth and say anything crazy about you.

And then you apologize after it cause he was like [slap] oh I'm so sorry, like I'm sorry, [slap] I'm sorry [slap], hold up [slap] [laughs]. Keyshia: I wouldn't want nobody to have that feeling over you.

On giving guys passes for cheating: DJ Envy: Do you give a man a pass if he cheated? I wouldn't date nobody out in basketball and have them in like the locker room like 'yeah, yeah, yeah...' On if she has beef with Diamond Why would I follow Diamond if I had a problem with her?