Dating a man who is hiv positive Sex chat girl number

But, he revealed in his description that he’s HIV positive, and as soon as I read that it was like a brick wall hit me.

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We have a lot of the same interests, he’s insanely cute, and he’s definitely someone I would like to get to know and possibly date in the future.

HIV isn’t just a mystical curse, it’s a real condition that affects real people every single day: straight, gay, bi, trans…the whole nine yards.

Luckily, these days, it doesn’t have to affect very much of a person’s day to day life.

Sure, there are added responsibilities such as medication, regular medical exams, not to mention certain precautions (which, as you noted, should be normal protocol anyway).

Other than that, though, a positive person has the capability to live a very normal, healthy, happy life, as do their partners and loved ones.

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