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Although the divorce hadn’t been finalized, her and her no ex-husband went their separate ways nearly two years ago.

This resulted in him moving out and getting his own place, and quickly moving on to a new girlfriend.

One was simply not emotionally ready to move on, while the other informed me after five months of dating that he was going to go back and give it another shot with his wife–only for them to end up divorced anyway. So, until a man was totally free and wasn’t involved with any other women that could claim him as her husband, I stayed away.

Now, as a married woman myself, I can say with some degree of certainty that if my husband and I were to divorce, I wouldn’t want to rush right back into another serious relationship. All circumstance are different, so it’s hard to say if a person should date someone who is in the process of a divorce or not.

She made him delete me from Facebook and what really hurts us our friendship is over! Some couples take a break only to get back together again a few months later. In one moment he is re-assuring to you that its over with his wife and the next, he deletes you from his facebook. This guy friend of yours or friend who became a friend with benefits does not sound like he is going to resolve this issue anytime soon.