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To her, this said everything you needed to know about how horrible the breakup had been: a guy she loved and trusted had dumped her with a worn-out routine.But after I read her e-mail I had an unexpected thought.

My previous post about guys sending mixed signals remains one of the most read on this blog, and it's the topic I receive the most questions about.

But while that post used some great examples from readers (along with the advice I gave them), I've always felt like there's more to say.

It's basically an offer to walk away without any self-doubt and quickly move on. Whether you're just checking out friends of friends on Facebook, lining up a date for the weekend on Ok Cupid, or looking for a future husband on, finding love online can get just as intense and confusing as the real thing.

In this long-overdue post about online dating from the guy perspective, I'll list four simple rules to give you the best chance at finding love -- or whatever else you're looking for -- when you start online.

I've wanted to write this post for a long time, but it's been two weeks since I first sat down to write it and I've kept agonizing over it.