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Unmarried couples on the other hand, both straight and gay, have much higher break-up rates—even when they have been together for more than twenty years. Marriages, after all, are a necessarily more binding agreement.

Relationships that don't work out are bizarre things, miniature lives that burn out like stars.

We all have our regrets—the one(s) that got away, the one(s) that never should have been. How frequently do two people go their separate ways?

For heterosexual married couples, the rate falls from a shade over 3 percent to less than 1 percent over the same period.

(If you're wondering why the break-up rate is so low, given divorce rates, understand that these are cumulative—the percentages compound over the years, creating an overall probability that is higher).

People also don’t recall failed relationships too well." Rosenfeld, who has been tracking more than 3,000 people, is helping to fix that.