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The reality is, if you approach a woman and she does not respond the way you want her to, it’s no big deal because there are thousands of other women you can approach within ten city blocks if you live in a large city.

The fact is that in order to find a good woman and have a healthy relationship you cannot get stuck on the first woman you meet, your first girlfriend, and generally, your first long-term relationship. Because in order to really know what you want in a healthy relationship you have to have life experience and you only get that by dating a variety of women.

This is a huge point that many of today’s relationship books tend to miss.

The majority of single men that I’ve talked to had a strong tendency to blame women for their problems.

“Women are just out for your money and don’t care about making me feel like a man,” exclaimed Jeremy, a 29 year old divorced Intern of Medicine who had really struggled getting back into the dating scene.