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I did offer to leave as he wasn’t well but he said he didn’t want me to go. If he’d just had sex with me and then gone cold, I know where I stand and it won’t bother me.

We’re so afraid to say what we want, and so afraid to hear the truth from partners. Sure you’ll get opinion and hearsay, but you don’t get the real answer. For me, when a man cuddles you it’s a sign they want more. So, now you know what it means (or potentially means) when a man cuddles you.

You have two people who are wondering what the other thinks and feels. You’re scared of the real answer, but you need it so you don’t chase something that isn’t there. I can’t cuddle someone I’m not into, so yeah, it sounds like he likes you. How would you like to know the answer to every other question you’ve ever asked about men in the past?

It’s from a woman who wanted to know how to work out whether the guy she’s dating has true feelings for her…

I’ve never really done the dating thing before, so I’m not sure.

Funny as it sounds, women ask this question me all the time. We were friends for a month, and then we started hooking up after work for drinks. My question is, how can I tell if he has real feelings for me?

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