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Clients that choose us are looking for a personal experience with their photographer and someone who creates a relationship with them.

The connection we create with our clients is truly THE most important reason we are in business.

Yep, our approach is fast and painless and SUCH a blast. First of all, there are no stools and fake backgrounds here.

Rather, we focus on a more approachable and engaging look by using natural light in REAL settings.

Warm, natural light is going to make your skin look amazing and you are definitely going to feel more comfortable without sitting on a hard, uncomfortable stool.

Once you choose your final images, we move quickly by first starting with a signature retouch (natural and never over done), a service that is INCLUDED in your price. You will have your final finished portraits quickly and they will look incredible.“Hi Kelly:) I can’t believe that you got these pics up so quickly!! You were great to work with, I will definitely share your company with others. It is going to be impossible to choose from all of them.

As you can tell I don’t like my pictures taken, but you made it easy.” C.