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Trump claims that the US economy is rigged against the white working class and that he as a Washington-outsider can fix it all.But what few people have pointed out about Trump is that the two industries that have catapulted him to fame and fortune (Real Estate and Casinos) have two of the most powerful and covert lobbying efforts in DC and he has been an active participant in such lobbying.

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Trump also preaches another philosophy that derives from the milieu of the casino: the worldview that one is either a winner or a loser….

Study of Trump’s interaction with the brick and mortar casino industry reveals to whom he is really beholden and what his core business practices reveal about his worldview.

In this long awaited foray into electoral politics, Libya-Analysis is happy to publish a synopsis of months of research, to endorse Hillary Clinton for President and point out how Trump would likely govern.

They certainly shed light on why he believes the US is getting “screwed on trade” – and that making “America Great Again” necessitates high tariffs on the Chinese.

He sees America’s prosperity as akin to a gambling cartel’s monopoly – upheld via restricting access.