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He was about 160 centimetres (5 feet 3 inches) tall and would have stood at 185 centimetres (6 feet 1 inch) had he reached adulthood.

This was clearly a strapping lad, with a body shape that was perfectly adapted to an active life in the sun.

This hominid was probably the first to regulate its temperature through sweating.

For creatures that must remain active at midday in a sunny, dry habitat, sweating is the most effective mechanism for maintaining safe body and brain temperatures.'s body was probably smooth and largely hairless, since heat loss through sweating occurs most efficiently through naked skin. Firstly, the narrowing of the pelvis caused the lower part of the ribcage to narrow.

is a skeleton discovered in 1984 by Alan Walker and Kamoya Kimeu at Nariokotome in West Turkana, Kenya.