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Short Stories “Return to Paradise” is the shortest (3 pages). The Secret to Intimacy () A show with couples asking each other intimate questions from Soulpancake.

Asking someone out A BBC programme with separate listening activities. Rowan Atkinson Live – Elementary dating () A fun video teaching boys about the first date.

Why We Love, Why We Cheat A 20-minute talk by a love researcher. Tea Consent () A video showing the need of consent in sexual relationships, comparing it to a cup of tea. Trust – Trailer () This movie trailer triggers discussions about cyber relationships. () Let this animation of a cup of tea clear it up for you. Laci Green gives 5 really important points you can respond with against those blaming the victim. Diana’s Love Story () Diana is a survivor of child exploitation.

Its name refers to My Space, the social networking website which it parodies.

F*ck yes (- each) A sex-ed series for adults that is funny, sexy, and actually educational The Five Stages of a Relationship () Muppet show, funny but partly difficult to understand Conversation Questions on Dating A long list of questions to choose from to suit your class. The ART of LOVE () Watch this short film to inspire your students to write a love story, either following this one or their own. This is her story in her words.(vimeo)Love Literally () A film about figurative speech. () Al Vernacchio gives an honest, powerful, and important talk for teens on healthy sexuality (You Tube) that gives a nice finishing touch to the whole theme.

Love and Sex Topics to discuss in pairs or groups Love at First Sight This short film lends itself to discussions about love at first sight. The Main Thread Handbook on sexuality and personal relationships among young people from Lafa – Unit for Sexuality and Health, Stockholm County Council Please tweet your feedback about working with this theme page to the author.