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We're not politicians.' My business is based on everybody buying tickets and seeing my movie... But then what's the point in having a voice at all if I'm not going to use it for what I truly believe in?

"Lawrence had already learned how to use her voice before, when she spoke to in 2014 about having her nude photos stolen and distributed on the internet without her consent.

A decent person with a good job or business in search of a good, honest partner to settle down with.

Lawrence explains that it's "embarrassing" to have people think she's faking her mishaps to gain attention. It's really, really not."Instead, she would prefer that people paid attention to her acting career.

" Humor aside, Lawrence says, "I think there was this studio mentality for a long time that women and girls can relate to a male hero, but boys and men can't relate to a female hero. And so we've fortunately proved that."Writing the letter "was scary," she admits. I completely agree when there are actors who say, 'Actors should stay out of politics.