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only logic is she is cheating on you comfortably or she is gutter trash. The couple guy friends I have who are really hot are just fucking around with a million different girls.

and a talking point on your regular social life with your girlfriend to a potential fantasy fuck will kill your fields of glory real fast. Hey I’m a chick, I can get laid any time I want to, but I’d rather never have sex again than have sex with a million hot, rich guys a moron guy would sleep with her Anyway.

This is why all married guys assume that all unmarried guys lead lives of constant excitement involving hot tubs full of naked international fashion models; whereas in fact for most unmarried guys, the climax of the typical evening is watching an infomercial for while eating onion dip straight from the container. Well, let's just say that while men don't particularly LOVE those things, but they don't If they were courting a top model like Carmen Electra, they'd be picking out wedding invitations and China patterns after the first date. That’s like him telling you he had a bad time in Florida, so he won’t go back, even though you’re dying to go and have never been. What is crazy is how desperate he is to have me back in his life but as his girlfriend not his wife.

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Tell the whole female population this and then maybe things might change.

A lot of you create this dynamic yourself and then complain about it.

So thanks for your comment, I’ve always been so jealous of men cuz they get to do whatever they want, but they actually live in this delusional state! Never have sex with playas or non commiters Can I just say a lot of this has been blown well out if proportion here, although yes, there may be some truth in it.

Men do like to avoid commitment as they aren’t sure when it’s time to settle or they have the best they can get. This doesn’t mean there can’t be a compromise somewhere though.

Most guys have just adopted this behavior to get what they want from woman because the other way hasn’t worked.