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The Flinders Ranges and the Mt Lofty Ranges are highly eroded remains of the large mountain range that resulted from the folding and faulting that occurred as the sedimentary deposits of the Adelaide geosyncline (now called the Adelaide Fold belt) buckled.

There were also a number of igneous intrusions, such as the granites of Victor Harbour, and in the eastern Mt Lofty Ranges.

When new and published U-Pb and Ar geochronology were integrated from the full Ross-Delamerian Belt they indicated the Delamerian Orogeny and Ross Orogeny both have a late magmatic and cooling terminal history that is synchronous, though the Ross Orogeny started its orogenic history of convergence at about 540 Ma, the Delamerian Orogeny beginning 25 My later.

Some parts of the Adelaide Geosyncline were not affected by the orogeny.

In the northwest, the Stuart Shelf was not affected and in the north and northeast, in the Cooper Basin and the Pedirka Basin limestones and shales were deposited.