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So much of what happens in romantic situations requires ease of mind–the ability to “go with the flow” and be tuned into the other person–which is something that the social anxiety sufferer can find difficult, if not impossible.

However, there’s hope for the social anxiety sufferer who wants to improve his or her dating life, or even get one started.

Once you get a few casual friendships going, you’ll be experienced at holding conversations, and feeling comfortable in your own skin around people.

Finally, if you start to develop a relationship with someone, working on your social anxiety will reduce the chances that it’ll creep back up and get in the way of a very good thing.

With friends, you can often relax and let your guard down.

Social Anxiety and Dating Tip #2—Stop Pressuring Yourself to Get Everything Right Dating is more of an art than a science.

That means, there is room for both you and your partner to be imperfect human beings.