Drake and rihanna dating november 2016

The "Hotline Bling" singer broke his silence on their rumored romance at the 2016 MTV VMAs, where he professed his love for the Barbados-born singer.

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But in 2016, the pain of finding out your lady friend hooked up with Toronto's realest G is unique to Lil Wayne (and probably a few thousand other dudes).

For most of us, the feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift is a source of endless entertainment.

After all, it's not every day that two of the most famous women on the planet butt heads in a public forum.

Drake and Rihanna are finally together and we could not be more excited.

The two of them had been pretty coy about their relationship, but with Drake expressing his love for Riri at the 2016 MTV VMAs, it was pretty obvious there was something going on between them.