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As a tip of the hat to William Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson I take the sample from the 23rd minute. I use the deep listening of voices and noises, with or without images, as a medium to explore the mechanisms of the personal traumatic memory.

*Young has been invited to Geneva by the Musée d'Éthnographie to co-curate and conduct a residency series in 2016 exploring the collection of ethnomusicological recordings in the Museum's Phonothèque archive. Faxen - In this momentary awareness I tried to tell myself,... Bio: French radio correspondant in Latin america, self-taught "sound artist".

For the last four years I have been taking a sample from every video I watch on my laptop. Since 2011, I'm exploring the sounds of violence and conflicts to create sound pieces and installations.

The Chants Beneath Project features a total of 120 newly commissioned sonic works from the world's most exciting sound artists.

Each piece makes use of, or responds to, a unique cassette-tape loop created by artist Jeremy Young.