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I try to stimulate her after eating and scratch the litter with her paws but she never goes. Kittens always try to eat the litter, make sure it’s not clumping and it may help to try a few different litters until you find one she likes (not strong-smelling and feels nice). An aluminium tray might be best while she’s still tiny.

I am glad she’s going but she’s ruining my hardwood floors!! What’s more, I’d treat every area where she’s ‘been’ with a good enzyme cleaner and then put another litter/aluminium tray on top for her, for now.

She had a big poop that day but since I have been stimulated and nothing happens 🙁 can I ask you what did u dobto get ur kitten to poop? Thanks please I hope u answer Marta, I posted this link for you–hopefully it will work and help you with your kitten. Try goat’s milk, as it doesn’t cause constipation or diarrhea in kittens and it’s lactose free (unlike cow’s milk) and won’t cause problems. I am giving her the KMR formula you find at any pet store i have diluated it with more water now i am mixing 1:3 but nothing I also add two drops of olive oil still nothing I was thinking to do the triangle method tommorrow if she doesn’t poop Marta, at two weeks, and only on formula, your kitten needs most of the nutrition she is getting to grow on.

She will not be pooping much and you may not recognise it as poop.

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