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Samuel Clark, a veteran of the Revolution, was one of the men who helped place the wall-logs in position.

This little building, with a floor space not quite twenty-one by twenty-nine feet, was set up near the bottom of a circular depression in the limestone tableland.

There is a tradition that Bishop Asbury preached the sermon of dedication while standing in the doorway, to a large crowd gathered on the outside, because of the smallness of the church. Here at Rehoboth were held sessions of the Greenbrier conference in May 1972, and 96.

In response to a call sent to Bishop Asbury, a young man named William Phoebus was sent.

The actual deed for the land on which the church was built calls for five acres. Only logs of medium size were used, and it could have taken only a few days to fell the trees and put the timbers into place.