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Yahoo quietly killed off their public chat rooms in 2012.

Free aol chat rooms sex

Readers — This report by Noah Pransky, my new Journalism Hero, is so well done and so shocking, I hope that it gets reposted throughout the blogosphere: (I have removed the video because it automatically starts playing anytime you go to my blog.) It details how men who go online to adult chat rooms and begin chats with people who say they are of legal age, then get entrapped as “sex offenders,” when the date bait “reveals” that she is actually underage.

(I think that the date bait is, ironically, actually OF legal age, PRETENDING to be under age, “to catch a predator.”) The whole operation is so convoluted, creepy and calculated that it doesn’t seem to bear any relation to the stated intent of these stings, which is to protect the children who accidentally wander into these chat rooms and have no idea what they are stumbling into.

There was always someone chatting, and you could join and get to know people from different places and different walks of life. Back in the year 1997, America Online claimed to have approximately 19,000 chat rooms online.

AOL members spent more than a million hours a day in chat. It was a lot of fun, but it I’m sure it will never be that big again. AOL axed their chat rooms once and for all in 2010.

The old school chat room was once on the cutting edge of the internet frontier.