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There is advice, do’s and don’ts, and encouragement – some even argue it adds an extra element of depth to your international experience.

There is typically a shared kitchen and living space, where guests are encouraged to meet new people.

Thus hostels provide an opportunity for young people to travel alone with access to a group of travel companions.

One reason hookups might be common in hostels is that the same circumstances that encourage hooking up at home, including alcohol consumption, seem to be amplified on vacation.

Researchers Liza Berdychevsky of the University of Illinois and Heather Gibson of the University of Florida have focused on pleasure travel across several studies and in their research have found that tourist destinations “promote an altered sense of reality that condones sexual experimentation and exploration while minimizing perceptions of risk and long-term consequences.” Out of the constraints of daily life and away from the judgement of their social circles, men and women find a permissible atmosphere to go out of their realm of typical behavior.