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The plaintiff specifically limited his claim to damages for reputational harm suffered in Canada and agree in advance to pay the travel and accommodation expenses for the defendant newspaper's witnesses. The defamation claims concern a book which was published in Quebec and distributed to bookstores in Quebec, Ontario and other parts of Canada.

Cases published to October 6, 2016This is a list of Canadian court decisions involving the publication of allegedly defamation expression via the Internet.

This list is not exhaustive: (a) court rulings are not always reduced to writing; (b) the law reports and electronic databases do not contain all written court rulings; and (c) jury verdicts are not published in the law reports or in electronic legal databases.

Most of the Canadian decisions which pre-date April 1, 2004 are discussed in Roger D. Potts, Canadian Libel and Slander Actions (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2004).

References to relevant pages in the book are given below. The Court held that publication within Ontario could not be presumed in favour of the plaintiff.