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I used to work at a Marina in Plymouth and the visitors used to ask what was that awful building behind Charles Church that looks like it's falling over?

And why is it now like driving down a canyon as you come along Exeter Street?

We need to look at them, they are very exciting indeed." I am now ex Plymouth and quite thankfull to be so.

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Now it's up to the local planning authority - the City Council - to try and follow his vision. Councillor Jean Nelder says nothing should be ruled out."I think everything he's talked about should be considered," she said.

"It would be very silly for us to turn our backs on any of the ideas he's come up with.

He says the proposal is to connect the centre of the city from Western Approach to Millbay, through a broad avenue which will take the place of the Pavilions.

"The Pavilions will be removed in their time and this very broad avenue from Western Approach will lead directly down to the sea," explained Mr Mackay.

Another of the ideas is to construct two 18-storey towers on the eastern side of Sutton Harbour behind the National Marine Aquarium.