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Sure, but it wouldn't have taken away the weariness.

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She said she had two more years on her contract, the support of the administration, and the belief that if the Longhorns could be healthy in 2012-13, the team could perform much better. The problem was, it sounded like she was trying to talk herself into something her heart didn't really believe.

Having known Goestenkors for 17 years, I couldn't help but think while listening to her, "Do you really want to put yourself through this for another season? She resigned two days after her Longhorns lost in the NCAA tournament's first round for the fourth season in a row."My heart's telling me it's time to take a break," Goestenkors said at a news conference Monday in Austin, Texas, "and that's what I'm going to do."I know, I know the cynics will say, "I could put myself through a lot to make $1.25 million a year. "But her move from Duke to Texas five years ago was never about Goestenkors becoming a millionaire coach.

Ultimately, knowing how she was feeling inside, Goestenkors refused to stay on when the results were not up to her standards and she wasn't sure she had the energy to change that.

Gail Goestenkors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gail Ann Goestenkors (born February 26, 1963), is an American basketball coach who was most recently an assistant coach with the Indiana Fever of the Women's National ...

When talking last month about the present (painful) and future (uncertain, but still with a glint of promise) at Texas, coach Gail Goestenkors spoke the words of perseverence.