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I think sites like Bristlr (which connects those with beards to those who want to stroke beards) will gain in popularity as people search out their tribes – people with shared values, beliefs and lifestyles.

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Sites like this will enable members to tap into the power of images and help create an emotional reaction from potential dates. Using social media sites In the time it takes major dating sites to recognise the increased importance of using photos to help build up a client profile, daters will turn to social media sites such as Instagram, either creating a separate ‘dating’ Instagram account – one they are willing to share with random people they meet online – or share their own regular Instagram account to help tell the story of who they are.

Clients will no longer want their photos kept in small, restricted parts of their profile, they want to see their photos playing a key role in showcasing their personality, their story.

I predict dating sites like the new 21 Pictures will be ones that grow and thrive in 2015, as daters recognise the value in using imagery to support their written profile.

It seems this is no longer the preserve of the wealthy, but more and more it’s something that people from across the spectrum are choosing to do. Understanding the importance of niche sites As we head into 2015, I think we’ll see niche sites becoming more and more popular.

By niche sites I’m not just referring to black, gay, Christian etc., but rather sites that are more specifically niche and aimed at particular tribes.

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    My answer most often is: “When you are not yet invested in the outcome.” That means as early in a new relationship as you can.

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