Gloryhole dating

On each side you got several types and size holes for playing.

Unfortunately the cleanliness thing maybe comprimised by overuse, however a power washer and some disinfectant and some good old Burningman inginuity can help solve that.

If you really need that anonymous glory hole factor, may I suggest a board with a hole in it attached to yourself? Don't forget the fetching gimp mask, because, you know, it's always better to not see where your fleshy bit is going into.

I am a "straight" man that would love to have lots of gay sex throughout the burn.

I wandered the whole playa, day after day, night after night in search of a anonymous Gay area where I could enjoy what is normally for me taboo. Anyway I never found it, maybe just did not know where to look.

Sorry that you are so weak that you live your life solely for the approval of others. Sorry for all of the people in your life that you are deceiving.

Before anymore of you respond to this post with negative or comments telling me why it is a bad idea, turn on your other switch and realize that this is just a idea, probably never become reality, but an idea just the same. If you thinkk the idea sucks, or my thoughts are twisted, cool, it's burning man, step outside the bax and move on.

Otherwise yeah there may be a good deal of gay events and opportunity to meet some nice gay men, however think of all the issues that a straight man has concerning being gay, therapy doesnt always help, nor do straight acting friends.