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The Gretsch Round Badge was used on all Gretsch USA-made drums between 19 and grew to become an iconic symbol.Gretsch Drums manufactured during this period continue to be highly collectable and extremely valuable throughout the vintage drum community.As the Gretsch Company celebrates it’s 130th anniversary in 2013, it is also reintroducing the iconic round badge.

(On the original brass badge, all of the graphic elements were embossed.) To enhance the look of the new badge, a simulated “patina” is applied giving it a textured, rustic appearance.

The new badge will be affixed to the drums’ vent hole using a pneumatically pressed brass grommet.

The seventy-one-year-old Watts and his compatriots in the Rolling Stones were celebrating their fiftieth anniversary as “the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band.” Fred W.

And, a grommet will be used for all drums whereas on the original round badge series the toms used a tack since there was no venthole on round badge era toms.

Only the round badge era snares and bass drum had ventholes.

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