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Due to the high volume of reps The Super Core Challenge is great to do on its own, or at the end of another workout for an extra burn.

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The initial decision to compete, is a large decision.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you sick of spending countless hours on the old treadmills and ellipticals, wasting your time away- when you could simply just do HIIT? Many people walk right past the kettlebells at the gym and don’t ever think to pick them up.

High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is a style of exercise in which you “alternate between bursts of high intensity movements with short recovery breaks. They actually have many benefits and should be part of your routine.

Despite this issue, you are struggling with the “be healthy and fit” lifestyle you crave….

Time for a brand new challenge to get in shape, strengthen your core, and build a better body.